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Sometimes, QuickBooks software encounters unknown malefic error messages such as:-

R# (M=1153, L=133, C=88, V=28 (FFFFFFF4)

The ‘C’ errors or data error usually appear in the QBWin.log as shown in the above format. This error code is more likely to be seen in the older version as compared to the newer version. The QuickBooks Error  Code C=88 (Problem Reading One or More of the Data Trees in the File) generally occur in the following circumstances:-

  • While working on the QuickBooks software
  • During using the authentic data within the company file
  • When some data issue occurs

Under such situations, the QuickBooks Error Code C=88 appears repeatedly.

Intuit Inc. developed the QuickBooks software in the year 1983 to reduce time consumption & stress of accounting for businesses. Since then, it captured around 73% market of the United States in the sphere of  accounting & bookkeeping solution.

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What is the Meaning of Message Components?

M=1153: It stands for a module within the QuickBooks related with the error. This module endows technical support and programmer personnel with a frame of reference about the operation in progress at the time of the error.

L=133: The “L=133” stands for the line number on which the error encounters. This line number endows the details as to execute point in program execution. This is the point where error resulted in shut-down.

C=88:C=88” stands for a specific error code. The fatal error messages containing “C=88” is a result of the data damage. This value usually appears when the QuickBooks doesn’t have any idea what to do with the damaged transaction.

V=28: when the error message contains “V=28”, it indicates that the technical support & programmer personnel may find useful in error resolution.

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Reasons Behind of this QuickBooks Code C=88

Under a few conditions, C=88 error appear again and again in the same program location or function. It can be produced again and again.

Some of the reasons due to data file damages are given below:-

  • Sudden drop out or surge in power
  • System crash or abnormal shutdown
  • Interruption caused due to the network
  • Workstation or network has less resource. This may include:-
    • Processor clock speed and/or memory (RAM), or Network interface (cards, cables, switch, router, etc.)
    • Error C=88 can occur when you check the data within the company file and find any data related problem. Standard QuickBooks data repair methods are enough to repair your data.

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Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=88 (Problem Reading One or More of the Data trees in the File)

Below we have provided some quick tips and tricks to solve QuickBooks error code C=88. You need to follow each steps carefully to get rid of from the problem.

Situation 1: Fix Data damage

  • Resort the lists
  • Execute the “Rebuild Data Utility”
Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  • Run the “Verify Data Utility”
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • Check the error messages in the Qbwin.log file.
  • Repeat again the step 1 – 5 again after resolving the error messages in the QBwin.log file.

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Situation 2: Low system/network resources

The above-mentioned troubleshooting steps should fix QuickBooks error code C=88 in most cases. You can also restart your system and server and see if the issue is fixed. That however may be a temporary fix and you may face the same error again. The following steps might help you prevent data damage caused by low resources on your system or network in the future.

  • Increase or add more “RAM” (memory) on your systems and server. The amount of memory your systems require is parallel with the QuickBooks version you use and is run on your system.
  • Make changes to the processor clock speed”. Increase that on your workstation.
  • Set all of your Network Interfaces to “Auto Detect” or “Auto Select”. If you are not comfortable performing this step, take help for a professional.
  • If you use a hub, replace it with a switch with “1 gigabit port” for the server and “100 megabit ports” for the systems.

It might be possible that you find the above-shown steps a little time taking…! If you require a professional service to solve this error – we suggest you to contact our QuickBooks Data Recovery Customer Service team.

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Final Note..!

Our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors provides a premium QuickBooks desktop support team that provides instant support with the help of advanced edge-cutting tools and technology. So, get in touch with us today through our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-405-0907. We are available round the clock with 24 hour of customer service.


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