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All about fixing error Outlook is missing in send forms preferences

QuickBooks Desktop users often face many errors. Though this application is known to do wonders but errors often hinder the smooth functioning of the organizations. A common problem is missing Microsoft Outlook in QuickBooks Desktop send forms preferences. The Microsoft Outlook actually helps in sending different kinds of forms through email. Users however, get the three options like webmail account, outlook or QuickBooks e-mail.

Outlook is missing in send forms preferences error

In this article, we have discussed about the problem and shared 8 troubleshooting steps to resolve the error. Also you can take help from our QuickBooks support team to resolve the ongoing problem in QuickBooks. Give us a call at our technical support number i.e., +1-844-499-6700, and get assistance from certified QuickBooks professionals.

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What causes the Outlook is missing in send forms preferences error?

In case, you use Microsoft Outlook, it might not show the option of Edit -> Preferences -> Send Forms -> My Preferences.

Below are few reasons of this issue:

  • One of the reasons can be that you are using an older click to run a version of Microsoft Office like the 2010 one.
  • There is an issue with the older Microsoft Office Click-to-Run version. The Office also doesn’t support many of the programs which includes the QuickBooks Desktop. In order to get smooth operations update to the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop as well as Click to Run 2016.
  • Another reason can be that your profile is not set up in Microsoft Outlook.
  • When Outlook is not set as a default program then you might face the error.
  • In Internet Explorer, Outlook may not be selected as the preferred email program.
  • QuickBooks might be hosted in the Cloud and the service provider do not have the office installed in the application where it is hosted

One must note that Intuit doesn’t support Microsoft applications and that’s why if you face any issues seek assistance from an IT professional. Some of the common risks are

  • Windows/ MS office errors
  • Inability to reinstall MS office after loss of its license number.


On your Microsoft Office, click to Run is a best option to delivering and updating the MS office to the broadband user using streaming and MS virtualization technologies.

The older click to run version does not provide the integration for programs like QuickBooks desktop. So you are using a current version of QuickBooks desktop and click to the ‘Run‘ version.

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Fix Outlook is Missing in Send Forms Preferences Problem in QuickBooks

Below we have listed the solution methods to resolve the outlook send form preference error.

Solution 1: Your Outlook Version is supported

The first thing one needs to do is verify outlook version. You also need to check out the latest release of QuickBooks desktop 2023.

  • In your ‘Outlook Help‘ menu, choose the option of ‘Microsoft Office Outlook
  • After this validate the information of the version as well as the build number to install the version of outlook and again check it for easily send and set up email.
  • Once done you can also ‘check the version of your Microsoft outlook‘ by examining the QuickBooks ribbon.
  • Also verify the relevant Outlook version on the basis of the version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • QuickBooks system requirements.

Solution 2: Set the default outlook Email Program

Set outlook as default email program

Outlook Email 2010/2013:

  • First thing to do choose the ‘File‘ tab.
  • Then click on ‘Options
  • Once done, now select the ‘options‘ Start-up, under which choose the Set Outlook the default email, calendars, contacts checkbox etc.

Outlook 2007 and previous versions:

  • First Select ‘Tools‘ and then go to ‘Options
  • Now click on the ‘Other‘ tab
  • In the General Setting, choose ‘Make Outlook the default email program‘.
  • In case, you have many QuickBooks profiles, then you will get the option to choose your profile every time you start-up. If any of the profiles are not selected as default, then QuickBooks will not be able see Outlook, so select a profile and then click to ‘set as default‘.

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Solution 3: On Internet Explorer, set default email plan

One must note that prior to checking Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft email or the outlook express, you must be able to send and receive email from the profile.

  • First thing to do is in Internet Explorer select ‘Tools‘ and ‘Internet Options
  • Now choose the ‘Program‘ tab.
  • After this follow the instructions provided for the version of Internet explorer you have.

For Internet Explorer 9.0, 8.0 and 7.0

  • First thing to do is at the bottom of the window, tap on the ‘Set Program
  • Now click on ‘set your default programs
  • Once done, select your ‘email applications‘.
  • You have to set this program as default and for that click on ‘OK
  • Now select the ‘Set Program access’ and computer defaults.
  • Choose ‘Microsoft Windows‘.
  • After this you have to click the drop-down arrow and then choose ‘Use my Microsoft email program‘,
  • Now click on ‘OK‘ button.

For Internet Explorer 6.0:

  • First Close and then reopen ‘Internet Explorer
  • Now select ‘Tools‘ then ‘Internet Options‘ and then click on the ‘Programs‘ tab.
  • After this in the ‘Internet Program‘ choose ‘Outlook as your Email program‘ by clicking on ‘OK‘.
  • Now select ‘Edit‘ and then ‘Preferences‘.
  • Select to ‘Send Forms‘ and the tap on ‘My Preferences‘.
Edit email profile - outlook is missing in send forms preferences
  • In the Send email section ‘sign into your email‘.

Solution 4: In Windows editing the Mail Profile Setting

  • The first thing to do is close QuickBooks.
  • Now you have to click on ‘Windows tab‘ and then open the ‘Control Panel’
  • In the mail you will get ‘Mail option‘ in the results screen, click on it
  • After this you have to choose the option ‘Show Profile
Edit email profile - outlook is missing in send forms preferences
  • Now click on ‘OK‘ on this profile.
  • This will help in QuickBooks outlook Profile.

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Solution 5: WIN.INI file in Windows

Users note that the WIN.INI file is basically a windows system file and it has some settings which consists some used for email.

  • Click on the ‘Windows key‘ on your keyboard and then type ‘C:\Windows\‘ and press ‘Enter‘ key.
  • Now you have to press the right button on the ‘WIN.INI file‘ after which you have to click on the option ‘Copy and paste the file‘. The file will use a separate location as a backup. You have to copy and paste the file into a different location as backup.
  • Once the file is located separately, go back to the ‘C:\Windows folder‘ and the open ‘WIN.INI file‘.
  • The file will display different headings, so choose one such as email.
  • You will not have to show (mail) section, after this add it to the end of the file along with text below.
  • In case the mail section is present but the text below is not in that section then you have to add it.
    • EMAIL
    • MAPI=1
    • MAPIX=1
  • Once you are done editing the file , save and then close it.
  • Now restart QuickBooks.
  • Click the ‘Edit menu’ and select the ‘preferences‘ and then send the form preferences. After this outlook will now be an option.


Do note that in case it doesn’t troubleshoot then you have to edit ‘WIN.INI‘ again and get rid of the text that you added or replace the whole file with the copy that was saved earlier.

In case you cannot edit ‘WIN.INI file‘ because of Windows user access approvals then login as the ‘Windows Administrator‘ user and try again.

Solution 6: Run Detect and fix in Outlook

You can gain a lot of knowledge in detecting and fixing the errors with Outlook 2007 or its later versions. You can checkout the following article in order to Repair an Office application.

Solution 7: Uninstall and reinstall Office and QuickBooks

  • Uninstall QuickBooks.
Uninstall QuickBooks - outlook is missing in send forms preferences
  • Uninstall Office.
Uninstall Microsoft Office

Solution 8: Resolve With Microsoft

You can contact to Microsoft support team in order to resolve the problem or checkout the Microsoft support articles that may help resolve this issue.

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Final words!

In this article we tried to showcase the issue of Outlook is missing in send forms preferences, its causes and also the solutions. In case, the problem still persists then you have to seek assistance from QuickBooks payroll customer service team by dialing +1-844-499-6700 who are available 24/7 to offer solution to every kind of error. We are Intuit certified ProAdvisors and help you to resolve your accounting hinders in no time.


FAQs Related to Outlook is missing in QuickBooks when send forms preferences

Why is Outlook not showing as an option in QuickBooks?

In case the Microsoft outlook version isn’t supported, then you simply need to upgrade or switch to a supported version of Microsoft Outlook to let QuickBooks use your Microsoft Outlook. You can face this issue if the profile isn’t setup or isn’t setup correctly in Microsoft Outlook.

How do I allow QuickBooks to use Outlook?

You can set up outlook to work with QuickBooks using the set of steps below:
1. At first, move to the QuickBooks edit menu.
2. After that, choose preference and send forms.
3. You now have to choose Outlook and click on Ok tab.

How do I make Outlook my default email in QuickBooks?

You can try changing email client to Outlook using the steps below:
1. Initially, open Outlook.
2. After that, go to Outlook and choose preferences.
3. The next step is to choose general.
4. Furthermore, choose the make outlook the default application for email, contacts, and calendar checkbox.

Why is my QuickBooks not letting me send emails?

Well, you can try modifying your antivirus settings if that is the case. Make sure QuickBooks has the right permissions. Further, look up specific steps for how to set up permissions in your antivirus program for how to set up permissions. Or you can follow the links if you are a Norton or McAfee user.


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