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QuickBooks is the best accounting software program that helps to reduce the workload instantly. It maintains a good track of all financial reports in accordance. Even this software customizes reports and creates GST invoices easily in a systematic manner. In this article, we have discussed and shared methods how to resolve QuickBooks Error Codes 3000, 3140 & 3120, 3170 and 3180.

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QuickBooks Error 3000

When doing an Exchange from QuickBooks POS to QuickBooks receipts that have “service department” items give the error message Status code: 3000 Status message. The given object “number is always different” in the field “list id” is invalid: Error occurred while changing non inventory item “list item name” in QuickBooks. Below we have given few troubleshooting steps to settle this error.

Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error 3000

To rectify this error code, follow these solutions as mentioned below:-

Solution 1:

Troubleshooting for QuickBooks Desktop Point of sale (Pos)

  1. First go to the file main menu.
  2. Then choose preferences option heading > Click on Company.
  3. Now click on the Account option that is located under the financial option.
  4. Then ensures that your map is accurate according to your accounts or not.
  5. Give a one click on to save that option.
  6. That can be exchange your financial accounts as successfully.

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Solution 2:

  1. First open QuickBooks Desktop software.
  2. In the given list main menu, click on it.
  3. Choose an item in that list.
  4. Now rectify your POS item from the main list.
  5. Make sure that each item you listed in your appropriate account.
  6. Then run your financial exchange program.

Solution 3:

Note: To do so rename or recreate of your financial account files in QuickBooks.

  1. First of all, open the main list menu into a QuickBooks Desktop and then select Customer & Vendor Profile tab.
  2. Now choose payment method option.
  3. Then give a one right-click on the cash heading.
  4. Click on the Edit Payment option.
  5. Under the field of payment method, options select (XCash) or add the X letter alphabet.
  6. Now click to the OK button.
  7. Click on a new option & after clicking on a cash method.
  8. It needs to design the cash method and run their financial exchange as lucratively.

Hopefully above steps will help the users to fix their QuickBooks POS Error 121 instantly, If you are still facing trouble or still this error is appearing in your QB Software , you can take help from our support advisors.

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QuickBooks Error Code 3140

For QuickBooks Desktop, a sync application makes use of QBFC, a server problem includes QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16.0. “Error Code 3140, Message” Below we have provided the complete solution steps for this error code.

Error Codes You May get:

Status code: 3140

Status message: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item in the Sales Receipt line.

QuickBooks error message: You cannot use the same tax item in both the line items and the txn tax.

quickbooks error message 3140 - screenshot
QuickBooks Error Code 3140

Possible Causes of Error Code 3140

There are several factors that occurs QuickBooks Error 3140 code into a system. Below as described what possible errors occur while using this software.

  • Downloading process of QuickBooks software is corrupted. This might be an incomplete installation of QuickBooks software.
  • If a user made some few changes in your QB software, the file gets corrupted due to that change might face problems.
  • The major cause of this error 3140 is malware attack.
  • Some files get mistakenly deleted or it is infected malicious.
  • This occurs during financial exchange when closing out final payment on sales/work orders.
  • An Error Message is displayed. “QuickBooks Error 3140”

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Fixation of QuickBooks Error Code 3140

Providing step-by-step guidance to fix this QuickBooks Error 3140 code:-

  1. Firstly users need to repair all registered entries that are associated with this Error code 3140.
  2. Scan your system and detect all malware issues. It requires to check whether a device is infected with viruses.
  3. Now clean all unnecessary files or folders from temporary files by using disk clean up.
  4. Update all new latest versions and also check to your device drivers. (Currently the latest version is – QuickBooks Desktop 2019)
  5. A user needs to preserve its previous settings. For this purpose, a user will need to restore the point to your windows system then it required to undo all your changes of a system.
  6. Verify your windows programs that associates with QuickBooks.
  7. First make uninstall it and then make a fresh reinstall.
  8. It requires to run the File Checker into a Windows System.
  9. Go for a latest new updates in accordance.
  10. At the end, a user needs to conduct a clean windows installation process.

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QuickBooks Error 3120

Status code of error 3120:- This error code occurs due to invalid or on the wrong type. QuickBooks error code 3120 is the name of the trouble that occurs when the payment download crashes as you try to do it through the invoices that seem accurate.

The error indicates that “Object not found.”

Possible Causes of Error 3120

  • This is specified to the account is shown as invalid or typed in a wrong way. A user will appear an error status code as “# # # # # # # # # # # # # # #” as you receipt.
  • It is an invalid reference to QuickBooks AR Account or AP Account as Account Receivable or as Account Payable.
  • 1st exchange has been deleted or changed in QuickBooks.
  • Invoice is not matching back to QuickBooks.
  • Accounts are not mapped properly.
  • 3120: Order number XXXXX: Object “XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX” specified in the request cannot be found.

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Fixation of Error 3120 in QuickBooks Desktop:

Solution 1:

  1. First under the main file menu of a point of sale, choose performance and then click on the company.
  2. Now click on the accounts tab as situated under the financial heading.
  3. Then give one click on the basic & advanced tab.
  4. Ensures that accounts are mapped properly in a correct form. One thing you should keep to remember, that if your account name is within brackets as [], this means your account is not mapped properly.
  5. Click to save the option.
  6. Now run the financial exchange.

Solution 2:

  1. Check the repayment as Uploaded in Service Monster so it no longer attempts to transfer with Web connector.
  2. Validate if the payment is already created in QuickBooks or manually create the payment in QuickBooks.

These troubleshooting steps might be resolved your error code perfectly, if yet troubling somewhere then ask expert advice from our experts.

QuickBooks Error 3170

Error Code 3170 generally occurs “When there is a duplicate name between QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop”

Error Message you may get on your computer screen:

Error Message: [QODBC] Error: 3170 – There was an error when modifying a data extension named ‘Sent to FS’. QuickBooks error message: This action needs a valid closing date password.

Possible Causes of Error 3170 Code:

  • This occurs due to trying to change the customers/vendors list element.
  • When there is a duplicate name between QuickBooks Desktop Pos and QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 3170

Solution 1:

  1. Examine or go through the point of sale as Activity Log under the point of sale.

Solution 2:

  1. The Description as explained above is when a user seen an error code before the error will consists the name of the client/vendor.
  2. If nothing showing any changes then we suggest to follow this additional method as described below.
  3. If the name is already exits found the customer/vendor name, follow the next step to fix an issue.
    1. First go to the inside QB desktop point of sale and then click on the customer list.
    2. Now give one single right click on the mentioned column. Now click on the customer tab & choose your QuickBooks Status.
    3. Now sort out your given list and then search the customer name & select the QuickBooks status heading along with an error status or not posting.
    4. Now just follow the same process as under the vendor list.

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Solution 3:

Under the QuickBooks Desktop screen first edit the name of a vendor/client.

  1. Under the client main menu, first select or click on Customer center. And do as same under the vendor list >> vendor center.
  2. Then give one right click under the list of Activity Log. Choose to the edit option.
  3. Then add the ‘1’ number to the end of that name and press to the Ok key button.
  4. Run your financial exchange program.

Solution 4:

Using QuickBooks desktop software, it requires to merge all your edited name & also the new name that a user created by financial exchange.

  1. First of all give a double click on the edited name of a QB desktop.
  2. Then remove the ‘1’ number & click to OK button. Thus, QuickBooks will ask promptly to merge customer/vendor into the list of customer/vendor option as created by financial exchange.
  3. Give one click on the Yes option.

If needed more information related to fixing QuickBooks desktop error codes, just visit our frequently asked questions section.

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QuickBooks Error Code 3180

A QuickBooks error message will appears as element ‘XXXXXXXXX’, when saving all items list. The users posting account is invalid.

Error Messages you may get:

  • Status code 3180: There was a problem with saving the General Journal Transaction
  • Status code 3180: …QuickBooks error message: A/P (or A/R) detail line must have vendor
  • Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: The posting account is invalid
  • Status code 3180: Status message: There was an error when saving a Sales Receipt
  • Status code 3180: Status message: Sales tax detail line must have a vendor

Possible Causes of Error 3180

This causes due to saving journal transaction or a sales receipt entries into this software. In fact, error 3180 caused due to a damaged voucher.

  • Voucher is Invalidate.
  • Re-establish the voucher.
  • Run your financial exchange.
  • Also creates an improper installation of QB software.
  • Due to the vendor tax agency is not setup properly.
  • Occurs due to clutter of Windows registry into the windows system.

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Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 3180

Fix it instantly by following the below instructions as explained below:-

  1. First of all, a user needs to analyze the list and then verify their QuickBooks accounts
  2. Now check any one of the selected item in Accounts Payable account details after comparing all further items in the given list.
  3. Then make assure that you have mentioned all account details in a correct form as typed under the basic heading, if facing any hurdle, contact QuickBooks support.
  4. Now undo the client account mapping into your software.
  5. To do so, ready to prepare the back up your QuickBooks financial exchange.
  6. If a user fails to do this or unable to fix this, then you should navigate to the advanced tab option.
  7. A user will make sure that your accounts are genuine.
  8. Navigate the QuickBooks financial exchange account chart.

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I hope you have successfully troubleshooted QuickBooks error code 3000 during financial exchange. However, if you are still troubling with these errors then we recommend you to connect with our live expert through our toll free number +1-844-499-6700. Our QuickBooks support team is available round the clock.


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