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Errors in QuickBooks are extremely annoying. However, dealing through such glitches becomes easy, once you identify those errors. One such error that we are going to talk about today is QuickBooks Error OL-301. This error isn’t a commonly encountered one, thus might seem to be a bit difficult to tackle with. This error usually arises due to connection problem with the financial institution while using the direct Connect. QuickBooks accounting software is highly vulnerable to this error code. In this technical blog post, we are going to let you know about the process to resolve the QuickBooks Error OL-301 & its causes. Learn how to fix Error OL 301 when trying to connect to your bank or download transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. You can also connect with our QuickBooks error support team for any further QuickBooks-related assistance.

quickbooks error code 301 - screenshot

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What Causes QuickBooks error OL 301?

Whilst using QuickBooks frequently, you might see this error code known as OL-301. Well, one of the potential reasons why OL-301 error appears is – connection problem in the financial institution while using the Direct Connect or a there is a company file issue. We are just making an attempt through this article to endow you with the directions that you should pursue to fix the QuickBooks error OL- 301.

  • Erroneous information can lead to such an error. Thus, it is recommended to fetch the bank account information correctly.
  • In case the login details provided by the user don’t match the actual login details.
  • The branch of the bank blocks the bank account.
  • Sometimes the server of the registered bank is down.
  • Or the company file is corrupted
  • In case you have not completed the know your customer process

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks error code OL-301

  • One of the most common signs can be if the message shows up on the screen
  • Moreover, if the programs running on the desktop stops working
  • In case the software stops functioning properly and lags down
  • Or the system freezes after the error shows up

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Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code OL 301

In the beginning, you want to update the QuickBooks to the newer release. Later, you have to refresh the branding & profile settings.

Solution 1: Delete the Temporary Internet files

If you do not update the QuickBooks to the newer version after then you’ll have to continue with the Delete Temporary Internet files field shown below:

  • Initially, you should choose the Tools option and later select the Online Center icon.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow that states Financial Institution. Later than that, you should choose the financial institution.
  • Now, press the CTRL+Shift keys simultaneously and then hit onto the Contact Info icon.
  • In the drop-down list, you will have to opt one of the accounts that is affiliated with the bank.
  • From the list, hit onto the Financial Institution Branding & Profile and later click on the Refresh button.
  • Hit onto the OK icon and later go online by choosing the Update/Send tab.
  • You have to restart the online sessions.
  • After that open network and internet in control panel.
  • Once done with that, go for Internet and choose general tab.
  • Scroll to the browsing history and further click on delete tab.
Clear browsing data -QuickBooks error Ol 301
  • The last step is to confirm the deletion of the temporary files and also click on ok tab.

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Steps to delete temporary files on different windows versions.

For Windows 7/8:
  • Initially, click on the Start button & then hit onto the Control Panel icon.
  • Go to the Network and Internet field & hit on it.
  • Click on the Internet icon.
  • Select the General icon, & choose the Delete tab under the Browsing history.
  • Hit onto the “Delete all” icon & then choose the Yes icon to make sure that you have to remove this information.
  • Finally, hit onto the OK tab to end the process.
For Windows 10:
  • Initially, hit onto the Start tab & choose the Control Panel tab.
  • In the Windows 10, control panel is situated in the Windows System folder located in the Start option.
  • Later, hit onto the Network and Internet icon.
  • Hit onto the Internet Options field.
  • Choose the General icon.
  • Select the Delete icon under the browsing history.
  • Select the Delete all” tab.
  • At last, chose the Yes icon to make sure that you want to remove this information, & then hit onto the OK tab.

And if you have any issues with the windows version of QuickBooks then don’t hesitate to contact QuickBooks desktop for windows support.

For Windows 10 (Alternate):

But if in case, you are not able to locate the Control Panel, just follow these steps:

  • In order to start, click on the Start icon & later choose to open the File Explorer.
  • Choose the C: drive icon & then choose to open the Propertiestab.
  • Hit onto the Disk Cleanup icon.
  • After that, you need to click uncheck on everything with the exception of Temporary Internet Files.
  • Again click on the OKoption.
  • Finally, you need to click on the Delete Files option to end the process.

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Solution 2: Manually resolve the error

  • Create a ‘Test company file
  • Reset the connection to your bank.
  • Reset all ‘online banking connections’.
  • Check your company data.
  • Contact your bank.

Solution 3: Reboot the QuickBooks Account Connection

  • The first step is to choose the charts of accounts from the drop down
  • And then, click on the edit account after right clicking on the accurate version
  • Once done with that, locate the tab named bank feed settings and choose the deactivate all online services
Deactivate all online services - QuickBooks error OL 301
  • The user is then required to save the settings by pressing ok and save and close tabs
  • Now, reactivate the report again by performing the remaining steps
  • In direct connection, move the cursor to the bank feeds
  • And then select set up a bank feeds first
  • Now select set up a bank feed for an account
  • Select the bank account and provide the valid details of your account
  • Now, go through all the instructions to successfully finish the process
  • The OL-301 can be solved by both direct and web connections
  • If there is a web connection, log into the online bank account and also download the .qbo format transaction file
  • And choose save the file to your preferred location
  • Now, move to the file tab and choose utilities in the sub category
Utilities option
  • Click on the import and click on web connection files
Web connect files
  • Open the .qbo file that you saved on the system
  • Under the bank account and choose the use an existing QuickBooks acount
  • The last step is to click on ok tab when you see the error message, and the QuickBooks will read web connect data

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Solution 4: Update QuickBooks desktop

  • By regularly updating QuickBooks, fixing issues become possible
  • After that launch QuickBooks windows in the system and then press help menu
  • Move the cursor to the option saying update QuickBooks
  • Now, check if the software has available updates
  • Revisit QuickBooks and check if the error is fixed
Updating QuickBooks

Solution 5: Search for the inactive accounts in QuickBooks

  • The first step is to choose the charts of accounts from the drop down
  • And then move to the accounts menu and choose show inactive accounts
  • Select the inactive account and click on edit account
  • Now, tick mark all the deactivate all services by bank feed settings menu
  • Select the confirmation window and click on ok tab
  • Restart the QuickBooks desktop to verify the existence of the QuickBooks error
  • Deactivate other inactive accounts

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Solution 6: Create test company file

Creating a test company file can help you fix the errors in QuickBooks up to a certain extent. The steps involved in this procedure are as follows:

  • Initially, you need to opt for New company by heading to the file menu.
New company file in QuickBooks
  • Once done with that, click on express start option.
Express start QuickBooks
  • Enter valid details necessary to create the company file.
  • After that, you need to press Create company to generate a company file.
Create a new company file - Error OL 301 in QuickBooks
  • If you are creating the company file and came across any issue, you should connect with your bank immediately.

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Solution 7: Match pending QuickBooks transactions

  • You need to first run QuickBooks and navigate to the banking option.
  • Further, click on Account having pendency in transaction.
  • The next step is to click on for review tab.
  • Once done with that, look for the pending transaction matching the transaction already in QuickBooks.
  • Now, select the transaction and go for find match option.
  • A list of matches will be visible, you need to click on the correct match.
  • Head to the save option.
  • If, pending transaction is not having a matching transaction in Quickbooks, then make new transaction after selecting the transaction and head to the add button.
  • Now, when all pending transactions are matched, you need to click on QuickBooks and verify if all transactions are matching.
  • After that, try downloading the transactions one more time, and the process should now finish successfully without the issue.


Hopefully, this technical article would be helpful for you..! If the problem persists even after following the above steps are prescribed, then you can contact our QuickBooks online support team at their toll-free number i.e. ++1-844-499-6700.



What is error code OL-301 in QuickBooks?

The OL-301 is often seen when there is an issue connecting to the financial institution when using direct connect. To fix this issue, one simply needs to either perform some basic set of steps or connect with the financial institution.

How to fix bank feed in QuickBooks desktop?

The user can try to perform the below stated set of steps to fix bank feed in QuickBooks:
·         At first, download bank feed transactions in a test company file
·         Now, check if the file from the bank is compatible with QuickBooks
·         After that, refresh the connection with the bank
·         And create and merge accounts
·         Also, turn off and activate online banking again

How to fix QuickBooks OL-334?

To fix the OL 334 error in QuickBooks, you simply need to:
·         Enable the TLS 1.2 in internet options
·         Make a new test company file
·         Run the account setup when holding Ctrl key
·         Create a new account and merge accounts
·         Deactivate all accounts

What is a banking error in QuickBooks?

Bank error in QuickBooks usually mean there may be a problem on your bank’s end. Their website may be undergoing maintenance or have server issues. This can stop the online bank connection to QuickBooks.


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