How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, -82 or 6000, -106 (When Opening or Accessing the Company File)?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, -82 or 6000, -106 (When Opening or Accessing the Company File)?

QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or -6000, -106 occur when the user tries to open or access a company file in QuickBooks Desktop. You may receive these errors when opening or creating a company file in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Error -6000, -82
  • Error -6000, -106

Note: If you are trying to resolve these errors, ensure that QuickBooks is updated to the latest released version. In addition to this, also download, install and run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool on your system. You also have an option to get in touch with experts or QuickBooks Proadvisor or look for QuickBooks Error Support for any type of problems resolution .

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What may cause QuickBooks Error 6000, 82 or 6000, 106?

There are different 6000 series errors and error code -6000, -82 and -6000, -106 are among the rarest. But don’t worry, these are fixable and this article will explain all the possible solutions to get rid of these two codes. First, let’s learn about the most possible causes that may lead to this error.

  • Your Windows Defender Firewall is blocked
  • Files such as .TLG, .QBW, .QBB, .ND are corrupt
  • Network configuration isn’t appropriate
  • The file path used is wrong
  • Issues in hosting or accessing QuickBooks File

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, -82 or 6000, -106

You have to perform the following solutions in the order shown for best results:

STEP 1: Delete all the empty space before the company file extension and after the company name

  • Log out QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open the folder where company files are saved
  • Rename the Company File
  • Find the name of the file, and clear all the empty spaces between the company name and file extension.
  • Now, open or create a company file
Create a company file - Screenshot
  • If you cannot resolve the problem through Step 1, then you can proceed to the Step 2.

STEP 2: Turn off hosting with all the computers with QuickBooks installed:

For Single User: Turning off  hosting mode disables multi-user access

  • Click on Utilities in the File menu and click on Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
Stop Multi-user access - Screenshot
  • As you do this, a message will pop up on the screen. Click on Yes.
  • A Message appears on the screen when the company file has to be closed. Click ‘Yes’.


Note: If this error occurs, this means that more than one computer have been set up incorrectly to host multi-user access.

  • This error message will be displayed on each and every computer with incorrect hosting settings
    • In the No Company Open Window, Select File and then click on Utilities.
    • Confirm that the menu option of host multi-user access is being displayed. Here, note that more than one client computers can display menu options and prevent hosting multi-user access.
  • After this, choose the option of Stop Hosting Multi-user access on any client computer; display the Stop Hosting Multi-user access.
  • Follow the steps to stop hosting
  • Open the problem file and ensure that the log-in window appears.
  • If the problem still persists, follow Step 3.

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STEP 3: Move to Hosting Local and Remote File Mode:

  • To open the detail of the window, click F2 key in QuickBooks
How to update quickbooks - Product information (Screenshot)
  • Set the hosting to local files only. (Check this at the bottom of the window under the section of local server information.)
  • Select File Menu and change it to multi-user mode.
  • Open the Company files. If you are seeking more details, then you can look for QuickBooks in-product Help. You can also set up multi-user mode for QuickBooks Desktop resource page.
  • To check the product detail tab, open the company file and press F2 key.
  • Now again confirm that the hosting is set to local files only.
  • If the problem persists, follow Step 4.

Point to Note: If you are trying to provide consistent access to company file to the users, then you shall leave the computer that is hosting multi-user access, and the users who set up the QuickBooks should be logged in. However, you are not required to open the QuickBooks.

STEP 4: Restart the Client Computer

Restart the Mac system - Screenshot

After restarting the computer, you will observe that all the system settings will be brought from scratch and all the current settings and state of the software will be eliminated.

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STEP 5: Use the standard data troubleshooting solution to resolve this error

While troubleshooting, there are chances that a damage is caused to your company file data. In that case, you can follow the steps given on our website to resolve all the data damage issues.

After following all these steps, if you still need any kind of assistance, then you can contact our QuickBooks Support team on our helpline number i.e. 1-844-405-0907 toll-free.


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How to Setup QuickBooks Invoicing For Gmail: Send Invoice to Your Customer Through Gmail

How to Setup QuickBooks Invoicing For Gmail: Send Invoice to Your Customer Through Gmail

Send Invoices From QuickBooks To Gmail – An A To Z Guide

After QuickBooks Online teamed up with Google, it has been as simple as possible for you to invoice your clients from within your Gmail inbox. An add-on, QB invoicing for Gmail is entrenched within the inbox of your Gmail account and is simple to us. With this feature, you can now create invoices for your customers from the data available in your email.

After an invoice is created in Gmail, it will be synced to QuickBooks Online. Intuit has also launched an app called “QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail” to make the work of the business owners simpler. The app is highly recommended for small businesses.

Tips to Connect with Gmail

It’s not necessary for you to be an existing user of QuickBooks Online to send an invoice.

Login to your Gmail account and go to the G Suite Marketplace.

  1. You can install “QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail” and create the invoicing.
  2. There are multiple QuickBooks apps, thus you should be careful while establishing this app in choosing the appropriate app.
  3. Then return to your “Gmail dashboard” and open “Email inbox” and find the “QuickBooks icon” on the right.
  4. Click the “QB” icon and then the “Authorize Access link“.
  5. Allow the app to access your account.
  6. Find the option that would allow you to connect existing account or to “Sign up” for a “New account“.
  7. When we use more than one accounts or any other client account, click the “Add app” to firm link.
  8. Connect QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail app to your firm for testing.
  9. Click the “Confirm tab” and get connected and ready to create the invoice from Gmail.
  10. Now, you can open an email message to create an invoice, and while creating and viewing an invoice, click the “QB” icon and new invoice window would open on the right.

Add the Logo on an Invoice

You can easily add your logo to an invoice using both “Gmail and QuickBooks invoicing”.

  1. Look at the top of the screen, and you will find your “Company logo” added there. It will automatically show on invoices. This can also be added in the app settings.
  2. When you “Send an invoice” to a customer and that customer’s name already exists in your QuickBooks online support list, the invoice will be added to the account.
  3. In case the name of the customer is not in the existing list then a new customer need to be added to the QB Online list so that you can search it later with the client name.
  4. If the customer “Email address” is occupied from Gmail message, you can click the link to “Add a product” or “Services” or add a “New item” here.
  5. This act will also set the due date for the invoice.
  6. You can also “Create a message” for the invoice instead of the default one available for you to use.

Adding the Product services

If you type a name of a product or service line, a matching list will appear. This list automatically shows up from QuickBooks Online product and service list.

If you find other names from matching list, you can easily add those product or services to your list.

Fees for QuickBooks Invoicing Subscription

  • This feature has no monthly subscription fee. However, a transaction fee will apply if your customers pay invoices online.
  • Bank & Credit Cards Fees: For Bank Transfers the cost will be $1.50/transaction and for Credit Cards, the cost is “2.9%+ 25 cents/transaction“.
  • In the rate field, you can find the options of Flat rate, By Hour, or By Quantity.
  • Buy Hour: If you select by hour option, you will be asked for the hours or quantity.
  • You can change or edit the Description and Price sections.
  • Taxable Switch: Taxable Switch determines when sales tax is to get applied to this product. In case the product is marked as a taxable item, it would show as being taxable here.
    • When you click Add button to include this to the invoice and return to the invoice, you can easily point out that the item and a sales tax line has been added.
    • If sales tax is default to your existing QuickBooks Online account settings, you can easily edit this setting.

The term field will have the following options:

  1. Due today
  2. In 7 days
  3. 15 days
  4. 30 days Custom due date

In case you choose Custom due date, you can put in a specific date.

FAQs about QuickBooks Invoicing For Gmail

There might be some questions that may be arising in your mind after completing the invoicing for Gmail. Here we have included some of the most probable queries for you:

✔ Question: Is it possible to send a copy of the invoice email to self?

Answer: No. You can send an invoice to just one recipient.

✔ Question: How can I add or edit my bank account?

Answer: Go on “Gmail add-on > the menu > Settings > Manage. This section will allow you to add or edit your bank information in the new tab.

✔ Question: What are the different methods through which I can accept payments from my customers with my account?

Answer: There are two ways to accept payments:

  • Email an invoice to your customer stating that they can pay online.
  • Take a credit card detail in QuickBooks Invoicing through a Receive Payment.

✔ Question: Will there be any fee to process a refund?

Answer: No

✔ Question: How can I change the information on my account?

Answer: Click the “Gear icon” at the top and go to Accountant Settings/company setting

  • Company tab-Customer facing information
  • Payments tab-payment account information

We hope that this blog post furnishes you with all the information you require in regards to QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail.

If you have any more questions or queries related to this topic, you can call us at +1-844-405-0907. Our QuickBooks technical support department will be more happy to help you out in this.


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